Windwhistle Primary School

Windwhistle Primary School

Windwhistle Primary School

Kingsley Road, Weston-super-Mare
North Somerset BS23 3TZ

Headteacher: Lyn Hunt BA(Ed) PGDip
01934 629145

"Achievement by building confidence"

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Wendy - March 2019

Had a brill night at Dance Fest well done to all the kids at dance club & to those that make it happen they should all be very proud of themselves

Annette Gill - March 2019

I had a great night last night watching my granddaughter and all the children dancing.  As normal they were absolute 
cherubs. Crystal loved it.  I have gone to almost every  one the girls have done and I will be going next year as well. I  do think that Thomas could benefit from this it would help him release energy.

Justice - February 2019

Hey I love This school so much

Casey - February 2019

Miss you all however having fun in the snow at school see you later in the year xx

We will look forward to seeing you!  Mrs Hunt

Bailey - January 2019

I really miss this school it was so fun there and I really enjoyed the Isle of Wight I might come and say hi soon x

Summer - January 2019

Miss all of the teachers and all my friends that went to different schools x

Thomas - January 2019

I miss you lot and hope to see you soon and its wikid here at hands price :}}}}}}

Jack - January 2019

Yo its so good in broadoak miss u at windwhistle and i wanna pop in soon with me mates. It will be great to catch up with u 
lot. I miss me year 6 teachers coz they were soooo funny miss you Bye x

Haithem - January 2019

this school and my theacher mr jeeves  is amazing and thank you so much

Summer - January 2019

miss primary so much especially miss Evans

Erin - October 2018

Doesn't seem like it?s been 5 years since leaving Windwhistle. And definitely doesn't feel like I'm now at the end of 
secondary school, I will have to pop in soon and say hello to everyone:)

Please do call in Erin, it would be lovely to see you.  Mrs Hunt

Reece - October 2018

i only went to windwhistle for a while but i loved it and all the teechers i so miss you amd i love my part in the end of 
school play bye see you soon i hope x

Callum - October 2018

We miss u cos i am in secondry now i wanna see miss snotsall and mis hunt and miss evens and 
mis walker amd miss gayley and miss sweer snd mr martin anmd mr trot i is a hurican in america and i hop mr trot is ok coz he is on holiday there or workin i cant remember but basicly i relly miss u but the sad thing is i cant come and visit u coz ive broke my leg at the momwent cioz i fell off a swing it was going really high and it hurts so much i really hate plarsta casts coz u cant do anythink in deem bye i miss u xxx <3

Ruby - October 2018

Miss you, I hope you are having a great time at windwhistle this year and i hope all the teachers are ok and i miss all my 
friends who went to different schools, see you soon rubz :]

Temusa - October 2018

I Miss You All So Much I Wish I Could Visit But I Don't Think You Will Remember Me :{

Hi Temusa - we do remember you.  Mrs Hunt

Emily - October 2018

I miss you all, i miss the good times, i hope to see you soon

Casey - September 2018

I'm missing u guys so so much keep smiling everyone

Callum - September 2018

I'm in secondary now i will miss u all sooooo much i loved you yay!! 

Alice - September 2018

I miss this school :(

Casey - August 2018

 Left Y6 now come on big school!

Anastasia - August 2018

Loved being in Windwhistle. the play was fun!

Elleana - July 2018

Hi I've had so much fun this year I'm sad mr trott is leaving because he was an amazing teacher now I'm going to be in yr6 
and be in Mrs Evans yay I'm so i excited she is really friendly

Casey - July 2018

Our school play was so fun to do but i really just can't believe that only 1 week not even that until me and the rest of Y6 

Louise - May 2018

Wow this place has changed so much. I really miss my old friends and teachers a lot. I've changed too. I've had a haircut. I don?'think anybody recognises me. I also wanted to say thank you to Miss Evans and Mrs Walker because its thanks to them that I've gotten into drama plays at school. Ever since the Robin Hood play in 2016,I've loved doing school plays. I've been in two so far, The Wiz and Alice. Thank you to everyone who has helped me realize what I want to do in the future. I hope to be popping in soon.

We will be delighted to see you.  Mrs Hunt

Casey - May 2018

i don't know why i worried about doing my sats it actually is quite fun!

Jasmine S - May 2018

Omg I miss Windwhistle so much and everything's gone so quick considering I am doing my gcses next year. I used to have my 
blonde short hair. Awh I do miss it all and also what is the new big building for x

Lovely to hear from you Jasmine.  I remember a lovely Christmas present you gave me!  Do pop in ad visit and I'll show you round the new building.  Mrs Hunt

Louise - April 2018

I really miss Windwhistle. A lot has changed and I really miss my year 6 teacher, Mrs Walker and Mrs Evans, the other classes teachers. I miss all the fun we had at the Isle of Wight. My bro's in Year 6 and he's really enjoying it! Miss you all!!!

Temusa - March 2018

Hi Guys hope your having a good and wonderful yearso far!

Brihanna - March 2018

I love this school I wish I could stay here forever but I'm in year 4 now so only two years

Sarah G - January 2018

I miss the teachers that used to help they were amazing!

Tianna-Lei - December 2017

I miss Windwhistle so much I really want to see Mrs Jarvis she had a baby now I can't see her but I want to see her in the 

Charlotte - November 2017

Its been 3 years since I left primary school and I miss it so much. I'm doing well in secondary.  I'll come in to see the teachers soon as my littlest brother goes there. I miss all the teachers and primary was the best experience x

Hannah - November 2017

I miss Windwhistle but I love secondary. I miss you all!

Casey - November 2017

I can't believe I am in Year 6 the first term went so quickly

Louise - November 2017

I am now in year 8 and miss Windwhistle very much. The teachers were lovely. Wish I could be back there.

Temusa - October 2017

 Hello everyone

Summer and Ruby - October 2017       

I love Year 6 so much all the teachers are so amazing

Tiffani - October 2017

We have had a great time in year 6

Tiffani - October 2017

Hi I'm in year 6 - i love it!

Chloe -  October 2017

It has been over a year since I was last learning in Windwhistle. I miss primary school a lot and all of my old friends.


Please pop in and see us soon Chloe.  Mrs Hunt

Summer- September 2017 

I had a lovely year in year 5, Mr Trott is a great teacher

Summer - September 2017

Year 6 is amazing Mrs walker is the best teacher ever and miss Evans is a great English teacher I'm giving ruby a shout out 
she is a great friend, Sara as well

Ruby - September 2017

I love year 6, all the teachers are funny.  Shoutout to mia jacob alyssa sara and summer and phophi

Katie - September 2017

I cant believe it has been 1 year since I left Windwhistle i miss you all sooo much

Mrs Nicholson - September 2017

What a fabulous day we had in Year 4 today meeting our Roman soldier!

Ruby - September 2017

I am in Mrs Walker's class and I can not wait to do my S.A.T.S so it is over and done with and I also can't wait to get all 
the homework.

Shannon - July 2017

I am looking forward to year 4

Melody - July 2017

I can't believe I have left Windwhistle.  I am so happy but at the same time I will always miss my friends like Tianna,Jasmine,Megan and Noa.

Casey - July 2017

I can not believe i am not in mr trott's class!

Elleana - July 2017

I just got my silver today right after assembly

Temusa - July 2017

Hi everyone and please say hello to Alexia and Adriana and everyone

Casey - June 2017

I can't believe I'm in Year 6!

Kacy - April 2017

I'm Miley's cousin and I'd love to know about Miley and work and I'd like to learn more about your school

Miley - April 2017

Hi Mrs Hunt it's me Miley I'm so glad to be in my school it is amazing I miss Y2 so much

Nicki - Chloe's Mum - April 2017

A massive well done to the girls and boys that took part in the dance festival tonight you were fab.

Spencer - March 2017

I miss Windwhistle sooooo much xxxxxxxxx

Temusa - March 2017

It's been a long time and I so miss you Thanks for all being my friendly friends. 

We miss you too Temusa and hope everything is going well for you in your new school.  Mrs Hunt

Shannon - December 2016

I am enjoying Year 3 but i miss my teachers in Year 2.

Casey - December 2016

Y5T is really fun all the teachers are nice and we do lots of fun things especially English

Temusa - December 2016

I miss everyone so much.
We miss you too Temusa and hope you will make lots of new friends.  Mrs Hunt

Mariana - November 2016

I love year 5 because all the teachers are funny and really good teachers

Mrs Walker - October 2016

It was lovely for all of us to see you too!  We miss you and were pleased to hear how well you are settling into secondary

Madison - October 2016

I really miss Windwhistle soooo much and it was a nice opportunity too come in and see Mrs Walker, Miss Evans and Mrs Thomas.

Casey - September 2016

I think year 5 is so much fun

Casey - September 2016

I love Windwhistle it is so much fun in year 5!

Temusa - September 2016

I miss everyone in school and my friends.


We miss you too Temusa

Jamie - September 2016

Year 3 is awesome!!!!!!

Michael - September 2016

I really love school and I really love my teacher.

Louise - September 2016

Secondary is going so great and I really miss indwhistle. Hope u are all doing fine

Madison - September 2016

I really miss Windwhistle and all the clubs specially dance and netball i didnt want to leave


Come back to see us soon!  Mrs Hunt

Miss Evans - September 2016

I hope you enjoy your first week at Secondary School

Louise - August 2016

I am really missing Windwhistle and all my friends! Mrs Walker has been my best teacher and I will miss her the most.  Good luck to all the pupils that are moving up to year six and the ones that are starting at the school! Miss you all so much! Xxx

Come and see us soon Louise - Mrs Hunt

Timara - August 2016

I am already missing Wind histle and all the teachers !!! I didn't really wanted to leave but that what happens in life

Aurora and Madison - August 2016

We are really missing all the teachers already and we hope to see you all soon.

We will look forward to seeing you.  Mrs Hunt

Temusa - August 2016

wind whistle is a very good school to be and I can't wait to be in year 5 so happy

Casey - August 2016

It seems only yesterday I started now I'm in Year 5.  I love Windwhistle

Mr B  - July 2016

I went to Windwhistle with my sister and brother 47yrs ago MR CHARLES was the head master all those years past and I have fond memories.

So pleased to hear that.  Mrs Hunt

Shikera - June 2016

It would be lovely to see you too Mrs Hunt, I will pop in sometime to see all of you guys again it has been so long since I
last seen you guys.

Erin - June 2016

Wow, it has been almost 3 years since I left Windwhistle!


Hi Erin - I remember you well.  I hope all is going well for you?  Mrs Hunt

Shikera - June 2016

Cannot believe that it's been 5 years since I left Windwhistle, and now I have finally finished school altogether, where has
time gone. It only felt like yesterday I finished Primary school. Hope all of the teachers at Windwhistle are doing great!!! I will come and see you all of you very soon.

It would be LOVELY to see you Shikera!  Mrs Hunt

Katie W - June 2016

I am so excited to perform our Y6 summer play.  I love my part; so sad that I have to leave soon.

Timara-Jayne - June 2016

I'm so excited to go to the Isle of Wight.

Myles B - June 2016

I think this will be the school I will always remember.


We remember you too Myles :)

Madison and Aurora - May 2016

By the way SATs wasn't that bad it was really fun. We  enjoyed it so much. We are going to miss Windwhistle so much.

Casey - May 2016

Year 4 is the best year ever.  Year 4 has  the best teachers in the world.

John - May 2016

School     is     the    best.

Casey - May 2016


Kira - March 2016

I miss this school so much I want to come back so bad and see everyone!!!!!!!!!!


We would love to see you Kira - Mrs Hunt

Erin - March 2016

I miss Windwhistle so much, so sad to hear that Mr James has left :(

Jasmine - February 2016

Hi i am missing Windwhistle and hope to visit soon


We would love to see you Jasmine and to catch up with your news.  Mrs Hunt

Miley - February 2016

Mrs Hunt we have had a dragon egg in our class and it has hatched and but we haven't seen it yet.


How exciting!  Mrs Hunt

Timothy - January 2016

I like my teachers and you Mrs Hunt, you are nice

Jamie - January 2016

What is your favourite colour?

Blake - January 2016

I like my work that I've done I like the teachers

Tom - January 2016

This is the best school ever

Olivia - January 2016

Anthony Browne made funny books about piggy book and the tunnel.

Oliver - January 2016

I like my golden time and ICT and play time because I get to play.

Layla - January 2016

I like school so much because we get to learn.

Lola - January 2016

Thank you for letting us play in the play ground

Maddy - January 2016

Do you know who invented the world wide web and the telephones ?

John - January 2016

In Year 2 we do the best English.

Tianna - January 2016

I like our class because we have nice sport coaches.

Jeffrey - January 2016

To Mrs Hunt your school is good

Kyla - January 2016

Thank you for letting us do maths because I like learning so much.

Ella - January 2016

I like you because  you  like    us

Oscar - January 2016

I like school so much because we have golden time, play time and fruit

Morgan - January 2016

I like my friends.

Isabelle - January 2016

I like my teachers and friends because they are kind.

Jamie - January 2016

I like Miss Vine.

Andy - January 2016

Lovely school, lovely teachers

Daniel - January 2016

Does  anyone  like  maths,  books,  music  and mathletics ?

Kaylee - January 2016

Can you read to us again?

Crystal - January 2016

I like you Mrs Hunt

Billy - January 2016

We have a nice school

Riley - January 2016

We  have lovely teachers

Jayden - January 2016

I like  Anthony  Brown  books.

Shannon - January 2016

I like this school because I have lots of good friends and teachers I like playing with all my friends.

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